Hills View Primary School

This inclusive, warm, friendly institution provides caring, stimulating and self-teaching environment for children to gain confidence, self-respect and sense responsibilities.

In our Hills View demonstration Nursery and Pre Primary School, which aims to assist the children to learn to: Be good to God, to oneself, to others and to environment.  Children learn how to earn living through independent work, under the following vertical age groups teaching teams:

1 to 2 ½    -       toddlers
2 ½ + 3+    -       Playgroups
3+ to 4     -       Nursery
5+ to 6+    -       Pre- School / Pre Primary School
6+ to 7+    -       Primary Education

Has made tremendous  achievements since its establishment and dedication to the development of man by His Lordship Dr. Anthony M. Banzi, Bishop of Tanga   November  20, 1999  in the care and educational outputs as shown:-

STD VII National  Examination Results  2006 -2014STD VII National Examination Results 2006 -2014
STD VII Regional Mock Examination Results 2006 - 2014STD VII Regional Mock Examination Results 2006 - 2014
STD VII  District Mock Examination Results  2006 - 2014STD VII  District Mock Examination Results  2006 - 2014

Love, Encouragement, Active Involvement and Sharing