Since 2000, the institution has been in partnership venture with several relations and collaborators, such as Competence Building Networks for Early Childhood Education South and East Africa, (CBN), Queen Mauds University College of early Childhood Education, Trondheim, Norway; University of Agder, Grimstard, Norway; Durham University, School of Education, UK; Aga Khan University – Dar es Salaam; University of Dar es Salaam;  School of Education, Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU);  Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers; Book Aid International; Tanzania Library Services; Haki Elimu –  Dar es Salaam; Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN); Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC); TAMONGOSCO; Tanzania Education Foundation (TEF); The Registered Trustees of the New Rural Children Foundation and so on.

Over the years the institution has benefitted greatly in areas of capacity building networking confirmed staff and student exchange program and material resource support.

The  RME Trust  has been able to record tremendous achievements in  the fulfillment  of its objectives especially in the care and educational outputs befitting other schools in the Region.  The Trust through Hills View School has always maintained quality provisions, among  which are as shown below:-

  • About 45 Nursery children graduate every year and join in our pre – primary school since the  year 2000 up  to date;
  • RMET was presented by Mr. S.K. Mgoma, Executive Director as an the first International Network Competence
  • RMET conducted a seminar at Kwekivu Division on Family Life Development to 80 children care takers, parents and teachers participated and now they are in a process of establishing nursery schools for their children in their own village;
  • RMET conducted an International Conference in Korogwe, which was officiated by Deputy Minister of Education Hon. Bujiku K.P. Sakila MP – 2001
  • 2002 Mr. Mgoma attended Workshop on Early Childhood Matters conducted by Bernard Van Lee Foundation in Mombasa Beach Hotel in Kenya.
  • In the same year conference is held in Windock Namibia.
  • In 2003, RMET was represented by S.K Mgoma followed by Mr. Josephat Semkiwa and Ms. Napendael Mshana in Queen Mauds
  • 2004 During our parenting Education Program we help and create a more positive interactive climate in the pre – schools for better communication between pupils, caregivers and parents.
  • In 2005 RMET is represented Internattion Network Conference for Pre school Teacher Training & Pre School Development Africa held at National Teachers Resorce Centre, Zanzibar.
  • 2007 we conducted community based Mlezi Makini Program, in Kwekivu Ward Lulago, Handeni for 80 part
  • Annual Conference for the Network for Pre – School Development in Southern Africa, held at Mindolo Ecumenical Centre Kitwe, Zambia on 7th to 10th April, 2008.
  • August, 2008 conducted International Workshop on inclusive and affordable Early Childhood and Primary Education 80 participated, lead by Prof. David Galloway, Durham University School of
  • The 12th Meeting on Competence Building Networks for Early Childhood Education in South and east Africa, held in Trondheim, Norway from 22nd September,2010 to 1st October 2010.
  • November, 2011 conducted as National Workshop on the Challenges of Young Children Living Institutional Care 120 participants lead by Prof. DM. Galloway.
  • November, 2012 conducted an International Conference on Capacity Building in research development for colleges and institution for 80 participants led by D.M Galloway.
  • While Oct. 24th, 2013an international workshop on Identifying and Reducing Bullying in Schools for the targeted 60 participants.
  • The fourth International Conference on capacity building in Research Development for Public and Private Institutions conducted and presented by Emeritus Prof. David M. Galloway from Durham University, School of Education, UK held on 17th November, 2012 in RMET main campus – Multipurpose Hall – Korogwe, Tanzania.
  • National Conference for Rectors and Principals of Institutes and Colleges regulated by NACTE held in Arusha – Arusha International Conference Centre – AICC from 28th – 30th November, 2013:
  • The sixth International Conference on capacity building workshop on Truancy from Schools in Developing Countries: Impact on Learning and Exploration of Ways to Reduce It presented by  Emeritus Prof. David M. Galloway  and Dr. Joyce – Gibbons Andrew from Durham University, School of Education, UK held on 14th to 15th March, 2015 at St. Rock College of Early Education, Korogwe.
  • First International Conference on Literacy and Numeracy held on 9th – 10th July 2015 at Nkurumah Hall, University of Dar es Salaam.

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