RMET General Objectives:

The general objectives of RMET are as follows:

  • To create an open , supportive environment that is free from discrimination of children including those in vulnerable social and economic circumstances;
  • To support children ‘s holistic development;
  • To enhance awareness of the importance of early childhood development (ECD);
  • To raise awareness of the rights of young children , especially in villages, pastoralists areas, prisons and those living with HIV/AIDS; and
  • To achieve excellence in early childhood care at lower, primary and secondary education at national and International standards.

     Specific Objectives:

  • To improve children’s learning by training competent and creative early childhood personnel at all levels;
  • To Strengthen parental responsibility for care of infants, the young and aging;
  • To design, develop and produce easy to read materials for young children, grounded in research and teaching experiences; and
  • To train and establish Nursery Care Providers in rural areas, prisons, hospitals and so forth so as to improve the care, education, health for quality early childhood education development.

Love, Encouragement, Active Involvement and Sharing