Rock Institute of Human Life Management Studies (RIHMS)

Rock Institute of Human Life Management Studies (RIHMS)

The name RIHMS originates from Tanzania College of Early Education (TCEE) which was established in 2000 and registered No CU. 57 by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training under Education Act No 25 of 1978 sect 26 (3)on 03rd August 2004. The College’s foundation stone was blessed and laid on 10th August 2007 by His Grace Mons. Joseph Clennoth, Apostolic Nuncio to Tanzania, dedicating it to the transformation of human hearts believing the ‘heart of Education is Education of the Heart’.

The College’s major purpose was to recruit, train and upgrade responsible mature young men and women for teaching profession of Christian frame and practice, specializing in Early Childhood studies in defense of child rights to life and development. The college also conducted in – services courses for young men and women of patience and interest in working competently, safety, friendly and effectively with children from birth to eight (08) years. However, the programmes provided collaboration with Pre – School Teacher Training in Countries South of the Sahara, coordinated by Queen Maud’s University College of Early Childhood Education, Trondheim, Norway. Sadly both the government’s high set entry requirements and the people’s stigma over Early Childhood profession the planned programs could not thrive as the students abundant the classes.

Thus the name Tanzania College of Early Education was changed to St. Rock College of Early Education after being granted a Full Registration status by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) vide Reg. No. TLF/005 to offer training in Teaching and Learning Facilitation programs in Early Childhood up to Ordinary Diploma in NTA level 6 effective 30th August, 2013.

It is in this context the Board of Trustees recommended the college’s change of direction despite the huge resources for education for the early years. In an attempt to fit and utilize the resource already available Rock Institute of Human Life Management Studies was born and officially granted Reg No. BTP/126P by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) to create and offer multidisciplinary trainings focused on working diverse skills starting with Community Development & Business Administration.  Up to Ordinary Diploma (NTA 4 – 6). RIHMS also undertaken to develop and provide the following short foundations courses i.e: Intermediate  English Course,  Infant & Child  Nurturing Methods, Infant & Nursery Learning Methods, Customer Care Services, Billings Ovulation Methods, Nature Environmental  Health, Planning and Starting Business.

In short RIHMS is committed to the development and Management of Human Life diverse skills in all its fullness. Our major Country and communities’ is to promote the socio economic sustainability and eliminate extreme poverty and inequality among the increasing numbers of young parent’s mothers, single parents and or female employees in productive sectors, who are most and critically in need of personnel qualified enough to supply their children’s welfare from conception and beyond.


To become a transformation centre for human hearts focused on working diverse skills: habits, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors for better and meaningful living.


RIHMS strives to design and   deliver multidisciplinary programs to meet our nation’s communities requirements for a technical workforce that fosters human development through identification, planning and application of life course theories within the prevailing entrepreneurial priorities.

General Entry Requirements

Applicants must be holders of Certificate in Sec. Education Exam (CSEE) with at least four (4) passes in non-religious subjects.  National Vocational Awards (NVA) Level III is an added advantage to those with three (3) passes on O-Level. For other equivalent qualifications, the NACTE prescribed minimum entry requirements shall apply

‘Striving to form pro life carers and self reliant personnel’

Love, Encouragement, Active Involvement and Sharing