About 35% of the country’s population 44.9 million is children below school going age and aged alike. Both Education and Training Police of 1995 and   (2014), demand young children from 4 – 6 years to go through pre – schools attached to primary schools before enrolling in grade one classes. The statistics are revealing that there is a marked increase in the number of children aged 3 – 6 years needing a pre – school education. While the ageing population who are fast increasing are also living in critical circumstances. All the demand some care services or support of someone warm to whom they can turn in times of crises and in other immoral virtues. They indeed need to be enabled to share their precious life experiences, lest they miss the good fortune of being helped Viagra online usa to live a truly meaningful, useful and happy life.

Bearing all these in mind, Rock Memorial Education Trust is (RMET) is a Christian framed registered non – government organization was founded by Mr. Sylvester K. Mgoma as a child survival, care and education advancement initiative in memory of Rev. Fr. Rock Katabure 1918-1994 who dedicate his love throughout his Gods call for young children safe and early livelihood. The trust was incorporated under the  Trustees Ordinance (Cap. 375) on 10th July, 1998 vide Reg. no 1741. As an  educational sector institution registered trustees of RMET intimately seeks to prevent  child death and promote quality, friendly care  of the young especially, those in vulnerable social , health and physical difficult  circumstances and those suffering in various ways. RMET  fulfills its mission through advocacy and training collaborating with wider varieties of child focus government ministries and non governmental organization, research institutions, community group and the private sector to ensure children understanding of God kindness, generosity  and forgiveness to one another.

Board of Trustees

In accordance with the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance 1956 (Cap. 375) section 13 (3). The following make the body corporate of Rock Memorial Education  (RMET) including Mrs. G. Mkaya Vicent, Mrs. L. Nyamkubi Achimpota,  Mr. Fabian Kulwa, Mr. Anthony Magambo, Mr. J. A. Mrutu  Hn.  J.K. Bundala  Rev. Fr. Albert Donge  and Rt. Rev. Anthony M. Banzi, Bishop of Tanga.


  • RMET Believes:
  • Young children are strong foundation of all human and economic resource.
  • The best way to help children is by helping the children caregivers, teachers, parents and communities.
  • All children, especially those in difficult circumstances, have a right to quality early childhood education and care in order to minimize health hazards, dropout rates in schools, delinquency rates and government expenditure on welfare services
  • All parents, especially those affected by HIV/AIDs scourge need to be empowered with community human life development education in order to enhance their ability to provide quality pro life self  release empathic feelings towards their children and finally advance  self reliance sprits

Love, Encouragement, Active Involvement and Sharing